For us sustainable design is not about form or features, as much as it is about how well it addresses the terroir we build in. Terroir is a french word used in the wine industry, describing the unique aspects of a place that influence and shape the wine made from it. At Synthesis Studio we bring together all these elements combined with our clients aspirations and rituals in creating the physical form.

At Synthesis Studio we don’t bound ourselves to a specific style and materials. Contemporary by nature we like to also experiment with different building materials, construction methods and technologies, such as straw-bale, earth, shipping containers and more.


the TEAM



Barbora is a founding partner at Synthesis Studio. She has over 10 years experience in building industry primarily focusing on domestic building design in the Sydney Metropolitan areas.

She has been involved with a number of mainly residential projects from the appraisal through design development to construction. Barbora has a good track record of negotiating with authorities and has a thorough understanding of the legislation and it’s integration with the building development.

Her interest lies in creating design that enhances the occupants’ sense of belonging and well being and passion in design that is responsive to the surrounding environment with the aim to minimise environmental impact of a building from construction methods to the ongoing running of a building.



Gilo takes a humanistic and holistic approach for design  one that is tailored specifically to the challenges of each project. His experience expands from interior, domestic architecture to large development on a neighbourhood and village scale, through design, planning and consultancy. In recent years Gilo’s focus was on researching and writing about the social design aspects of sustainable neighbourhoods with emphasis on learning and implementing the principals of the Cohousing neighbourhood model and slow design. Gilo has been very active in the sustainable communities and Ecovillages campaigns and has presented many talks around the nation and over seas.

Gilo is currently the co-planner and consultant for the ‘Tasman Eco-Village’, initiator of the ‘E-Co-Neighbourhood Blue Mountains’, and previously was part of the ‘Sydney Coastal Eco-Village’ design team and Sydney Cohousing Group.