Furniture Design and Upcycle

Type: Custom made and Upcyclef urniture

Project: GoGet car share office makeover

Designer:  Gilo Holtzman- Folding Tables & Island desktops ; Gilo Holtzman & Sabina Popin – File Cabinets upcycle.

Status: Complete June 2011


GoGet CarShare’s office has that temporary feel to it, which led to the modular design approach where all the furniture can be easily disassembled and assembled, moved or reconfigured, while maintaining the integrity of the design and space.

Most of the office furniture was donated throughout the years, therefore as a strategy, we wanted to up-cycle and recycle all existing usable furniture, giving them a second or third life. All the additional furniture – the extra workstations, work space desks additions to the service hub and the partitions – were designed by Gilo specifically to fit the needs of the office.

For their work surfaces GoGet was using old doors, Which we’ve reused and restored some of them to make them more durable. Trestle legs were specially designed to hold the desktops in the new configuration. The diagonal shape of the legs allow for clear movement of the user without bumping their knee onto the leg.


The 3 folding workstations were custom designed specifically to provide extra workstations to accommodate future growth. With durability, functionality, material selection and reduction of waste in mind, the dimensions of the table were determined by the size of one sheet of grade A plywood with the purpose of designing a flexible, comfortable and strong table. Due to its functionality, when the tables are folded down it widens the circulation area enabling the extra space to be used as a meeting and demonstration area.

Three old metal file cabinets were converted into a transportable shelves unit, stationary storage cabinets and a seating-storage transportable unit equipped with a cushion and a tray. The relationship established with Matt Connelly and the team at ‘Branches Timber Craft’ in Lawson Blue Mountains, who were initially approached for the manufacturing of the folding workstations, eventually allowed Gilo and Sabina to work on the conversion of the old file cabinets at the factory and have access to equipment and materials, mainly off-cuts timber. Working close with the manufacturers turned out to be very productive, satisfying and rewarding. Moreover it became the key for the realisation of our design concept.