Office Makeover- GoGet car share

Type: Office Makeover (design competition)

Status: Complete 2011

Design Team : Gilo Holtzman & a bit slow’ group; Sabina Popin, Jessica Robinson, Michelle Huertas, Basia Nowaski.

Role: Leading Designer & Project Manager

Budget: $10,000 – $15,000


The Brief:

 Make over for GoGet two office spaces in Glebe.
 An innovative, attractive working space where people would love to come to work.
 Use of goods and services to be supplied by GoGet members
 provides a mix of working areas that allows staff to work in teams and also to access quieter areas with less chance of disruption.
 A layout that can be scaled to accommodate more staff as we grow.


The Concept: 

We aimed at creating a family like office environment of sharing and supporting, encapsulating the company philosophy, while also providing an adaptive interactive and dynamic work space for current and future employees.
The small office is to be transformed into the formal GoGet head office providing a quiet work environment for
management and operation personal, while the big office space is to become more users friendly, productive, airy healthy and presentable work environment.


Our Philosophy: Slow Design

The flexible and explorative design process had led us to an appropriate consideration of slowness and the way we embed it within the design of the office space. It also meant that as many thoughts as possible of the direct and indirect impacts of the design on the users and space were taken into consideration. Some of the important considerations were to preserve the unique spirit of the place and the way it grew over the years
manifested itself by being literally self built. All furniture was either donated or bought cheaply, gyprock walls were erected by the owners to form the computer room, and doors became desktops. In fact, no skilled professional were ever involved.
In our proposal, we, together with GoGet employees, are to become the labourers as well, therefore establishing a friendly relationships based on mutual respect and trust with our clients and other professionals, in this case, the joinery manufacturer was a key element in the success of the project and part of its appeal.


for more info on the project see link below.

Link: GoGet office makeover