Tasman Ecovillage


Type: Ecovillage, Masterplan

Status: In development (stage 1- Pod A & Infrastructure)

Design / Project Team : Gilo Holtzman, Andy Hamilton (Andy Hamilton and Assoc)  – Surveyor and CDS consultant, Stephen Cole, B.Eng (Hutchings Spurr) -  Consulting engineer,  Ilan Arnon- Owner and Developer.

Role:  Consulting Desiner, Cohousing advisor, and  drafting the “Village    Development and Building Design Guidelines”



The Tasman Village unique terrain, beautiful and diverse setting, allows for many opportunities to accommodate the needs of a variety of people wishing to be part of the village, both in the mix of housing, hubs and views. The design challenge for the village would be in its ability to provide a common thread, consistency between the individual’s needs and taste, with a cohesion village vision. While creating a balance between the social interaction within each element [Pocket] and the village as a whole (i.e. self governance, working bees, maintenance, meetings and more) the connections and contribution would be the key to bring all elements together.


Village Objective:
Ensure social cohesion and connectivity between all elements. Each Pocket [Element] to be developed at minimum 70% and cannot exceed the maximum allowed by planning permits.
Desired Design Patterns for Village Pockets (elements)
 Cluster of Households,
 Shared Common Space,
 Active Commons,
 Car Free Environment,
 Rooms of Public Space,
 Front Porch,
 Nested House,
 Commons,
 Buildings & Gardens,
 A Place for Planting,
 Enough Storage,
 Connections and Contribution.