Cohousing in the Mountains

GiloH - April 19, 2013

This is an invitation to attend Cohousing in the Mountains Project overview,  open meeting to be held Sunday 5th of may , where we will present the nuts and bolts of the project.
After 2 1/2 years of process of work with the Blue Mountains Group, we are now a step closer in realizing the vision of building a cohousing neighbourhood. Currently we are negotiating the purchase of a site in Hazelbrook BM minutes walk from the shops and the train station.

coming soon More on this project , process and development

“The E-Co-Neighbourhood Blue Mountains is inspired by the Cohousing model which is a form of collaborative housing, an intentional neighbourhood that offers residents a sense of community, while still maintaining their need of privacy. Cohousing communities consist of private, fully-equipped homes as well as extensive common amenities including a ‘Common House’, vegetable garden and recreational areas”.

The major benefits of our proposal are :
*Encouraging exemplar developments which demonstrates substantially greater sustainability than current best practice ( local controls and Basix)
*Adopting new methods to reduce private car use substantially, which can be more wildly replicated (car share, car pooling)
*Enabling local communities to create resident –led sustainable developments to meet local needs.
*Making best practice environmental construction more financially viable
*Encouraging cohousing and other approaches which enhance mutual support and wellbeing .
*Innovating new integrated approaches to reduce overall carbon footprint, (food, transport….)

Yours in community
Gilo Holtzman


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